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Together, apart

There are lots of ideas for young children floating around social media at the moment, and some of the best are happening in our area too.

Go on a bear hunt and find real teddy bears in the gardens or windows of your neighbours – whole streets are doing this, so have a look as you drive around in your car or at a safe distance on a walk, or even organise to start one on your street!

  1. Paint a rainbow and write, ‘Let’s all be well’ – place it in your window as a message of hope and see how many others you can find when out and about.
  2. We’ve all seen the images of Italians stopping at a certain time of the day to sing or play music. If you have friends in your street, give this a try!
  3. Put your Christmas lights back up – nothing is more heartwarming than a string of lights adorning our houses as the sunsets. This is another good one to find on a walk or on a drive.